Ralph Martindale & Company Limited was first registered in England in 1874. The Chillington Tool Company Limited was registered in England in 1892, and was acquired by Ralph Martindale & Company Limited in 1998. Martindale and Chillington are collectively referred to as the Martindale Group.
The Martindale Group has over 140 years experience in producing and marketing handtools that are used in agriculture, hardware, construction, and horticulture. Martindale and Chillington “Crocodile” brand tools have been, and still are, recognized throughout the world as the benchmark for quality by generations of farmers and general users.
The Group markets those tools under the internationally renowned brand name “Crocodile”, as well as under other registered trademarks. The “Crocodile” trademark was first registered in England in 1876. Synonymous with quality products, our trademarks are now officially registered in 97 different countries around the world. Our marks and labels are frequently illegally copied by unscrupulous counterfeiters attempting to pass off inferior products as genuine “Crocodile”; only Martindale Group companies are legally authorised to use our trademarks.
All Group products are made to ISO 9001, ISO 9002, or ISO 9000-2015 standards and carry a guarantee. Martindale and Chillington “Crocodile” tools are made from high quality carbon steel. Our “Crocodile” products are the best value for money, and outlast the life of other brands.
With companies based in the United Kingdom, Asia, and West Africa, our Group is strategically placed to serve all parts of the world and ensure that the “Crocodile” brand will continue to deliver superior product quality over a wide range of handtools, and satisfy current as well as future market needs.
Ralph Martindale portrait
Portrait of the Company’s founder Ralph Martindale (1830-1879).

He acquired the business around 1869 and served as Managing Director of the Company until shortly before his death.
Ralph Martindale letter