Ralph Martindale

Why Us


Ralph Martindale Group of Companies / Chillington Crocodile is renowned for its exceptional performance in the market. Its design ensures efficiency and effectiveness in numerous applications, making it the preferred choice for professionals and farmers. Whether it is cutting, digging, pruning, or any other task, the company consistently delivers outstanding performance.

Oldest and Reliable Brand

With a rich heritage spanning over 140 years, the company has established itself as one of the oldest and most reliable brands in the manufacturing of agricultural and gardening hand tools. The company’s longstanding presence in the industry reflects its commitment to quality, durability and customer satisfaction. It has gained the trust and loyalty of generations of users who appreciate the brand’s heritage and quality.

Global Presence

Ralph Martindale Group of Companies strategically locates its manufacturing sites to ensure global coverage and accessibility to markets all over the world. By strategically positioning its facilities, the company can efficiently reach and serve customers across different regions. This widespread presence enables the group to cater to diverse market demands and offer exceptional quality throughout its range of products.

Sector Presence

Our market leadership extends across many sectors, making us a reputable and versatile brand. The company excels in providing tools specifically designed to meet the demands of agriculture, gardening, hardware, construction and horticulture. Whether it’s tending crops, maintaining landscapes, or engaging in construction projects, we offer a comprehensive range of hand tools tailored to meet the specific needs of each sector.