Ralph Martindale


Crocodile matchets are of the highest quality. My dad sold Crocodile matchets and out of its proceeds. My siblings and I were seen through school. He’s old now and his children have taken over the business of the sale of Crocodile matchets. Whenever you go to the market to buy Matchets ask for Crocodile matchets because it’s the best.

Mr. Attah Kofi / Attah Kofi Trading Ent., Ghana

My name is Akosua Dei, I have sold Crocodile matchets for very long time. None of my customers have complained that the matchet is not good. I recommend Crocodile matchets to all farmers as their tool for work. Whenever you go to the market to buy matchets ask for Crocodile matchets.

Ms. Akosua Dei / M.S. Bonsu Ent., Ghana

I’m a dealer of Crocodile matchets here in Kumasi Central market Kejertia and we also have another branch at Techiman. I urge all farmers to look out for the Crocodile matchets logo on the blade anytime they are purchasing it.

Mr. Maxwell Kojo Gomina / K. Gomina Trading Ent., Ghana

Crocodile matchets can be used for different kinds of work. It works efficiently and it’s very strong. I’m also using it even at age 70. Crocodile matchets are the only matchets I’ve used for all my farming work up till today. Crocodile matchets are very durable and very efficient for work. Crocodile matchets are comparable to none. It’s strong, sharp. It doesn’t break unlike others that break easily. Use Crocodile matchets and your work will prosper. Crocodile matchet is the best.

Mr. Agya / Farmer, Ghana