Ralph Martindale

Manufacturing Facilities


The Chillington Tool (Thailand) Company Limited (“CTTL”) was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1966 and began manufacturing operations at Old Railway Road, in Samutprakarn. In October 2004, operations were relocated to a new bespoke 4.2-acre factory premises in Bangkok

CTTL is a Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company and is among the world’s largest producers of agricultural hoes. The company exports to over eighty countries around the world.

CTTL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ralph Martindale & Company Limited,  established in 1874 in Birmingham, England. CTTL employs approximately 200 personnel and manufactures hoes, machets, oil palm sickles, sugar cane knives, rotary tiller blades and other agricultural tools. The company produces these tools under internationally renowned brand names such as “Chillington  Crocodile“ and “Martindale Crocodile”

CTTL has facilities for rolling, hot forging, stamping, heat treatment, hardening, tempering, varnishing and assembly. There is also an in-house tool design department with facilities for tool production, overhaul, modification and repair. We can cater to customers’ unique requirements with bespoke custom-made patterns and accessories.

Quality has always been the hallmark of our company and our products are manufactured to meet international standards in accordance with Quality System ISO 9001. As a result, Chillington’s world-class agricultural tools are second to none and are confidently supplied with a one-year warranty.


Since its establishment in 1968 in Tema, the industrial hub of Ghana, Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) LTD. (“CMGL”) has consistently lived up to its mission of producing and distributing the highest quality machetes (“matchets”) at affordable prices to farmers and other end-users throughout the African sub-region and beyond.

Today CMGL, a subsidiary of Ralph Martindale & Company Limited (est.1874) and with a staff strength of about three hundred (300) highly skilled and experienced employees has grown to become the largest manufacturer of agricultural tools in Africa, under the world-renowned “Crocodile” trademark.

CMGL has the installed capacity and tooling to manufacture many different patterns of matchets. After undergoing 24 discrete manufacturing processes with strict quality assurance protocols at every stage of production these products are strong, resilient and sharp. The company is ISO 9000-2015 certified. The blades are made from the highest quality carbon steel with the precise chemical properties that are required to meet international specifications and standards to produce the “Crocodile” brand. Crocodile brand matchets have been tried and tested over generations and have been the preferred choice worldwide for 140 years and counting.

Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) LTD has a solid corporate status, having been awarded many accolades (Ghana Exports Awards, Ghana Club 100 and others) over the years. The operations of the company exhibit a commitment to care for national development, the environment and staff welfare. Over the years, the company has lived up to its social responsibilities by supporting health and education needs both at the national and community levels.

CMGL is exporting under the Ecowas Trade Liberalisation Scheme (ETLS) and will soon export under AfCFTA. This means that the importers within the sub-regions have a competitive advantage when they buy from Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) LTD.

The advantage of our factory location in Tema Ghana is the proximity to the country’s largest seaport, Tema Harbour. Tema is a major industrial and commercial center in Ghana and the harbour serves as a crucial gateway for international trade, facilitating the import of raw materials and the export of finished goods.


Established in 1964 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Crocodile Matchets (Nigeria) Limited (“CMNL”) was an active manufacturing entity, producing the highest quality matchets and distributing these at affordable prices to farmers. However, in 2009, ever-greater challenges with inconsistent utility supplies negated competitive manufacturing and local production was suspended. Since then, CMNL has maintained wholesale trading offices and warehousing facilities in Port Harcourt and Lagos, distributing “Crocodile” machetes and other Ralph Martindale Group products throughout Nigeria.

These genuine “Crocodile” products are now sourced from CMNL’s sister companies in Ghana and Thailand. All our traditional patterns of matchets and other agricultural tools used in Nigeria and neighboring countries can be supplied with demand specifications and the standards required and expected from the “Crocodile” brand. “Crocodile” matchets and other agricultural tools have been tried and tested over generations and are the preferred brand of matchets and tools worldwide.