Ralph Martindale

Authentic Sticker

Authentic Sticker

Ralph Martindale has introduced authentic stickers to protect the interests of their valuable customers. With numerous counterfeit products inundating the market, the company is committed to ensuring that its customers do not fall prey to such deceit. Each crocodile product bears a sticker that serves to authenticate the originality of the product, accompanied by various benefits. Employing unique cryptographic blockchain technology, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding against imitation, all without the need for internet connectivity. 

Below is a quick guide to assist you in identifying the original product.

Ensures 100% Certified Original Products

Chillington-Crocodile-Ralph Martindale-ScanQR

Scan QR code for Pre Check


on authentic original products

Download app authentic.app

Chillington-Crocodile-Ralph Martindale-playstore

Scan to prove

original products

Chillington-Crocodile-Ralph Martindale-AuthenticScan

Unique Technology

Cryptographic print Blockchain secured

Chillington-Crocodile-Ralph Martindale-Cryptographic

Detecting copies can
be done without
needing internet access

Counterfeit Protection

App services, life time
warranty and more

Common smartphones,
even ones a generation
old, can read the code

How to verify the authentic product

(1) Scan the QR code for

Chillington-Crocodile-Ralph Martindale-authentic1

(2) After the pre-check result, click “Get lifetime warranty”

(3) Click “Download and scan”

(4) Scan the green tick with the app

(5) Ensure the product is original

(6) Get a lifetime warranty
and other services in the
app *